A database for global-to-local climate impacts

Explore data across scales and sectors

Learn more about how climate change will impact temperatures, soil moisture and fire weather. We cover data for most countries in the world.

Explore, for example, how the annual maximum temperature in Niger will change over time in a Delayed climate action scenario.
Explore risks of climate overshoots

The PROVIDE Climate risk dashboard allows you to explore future climate change impacts and (un)avoidable risks from cities to the global scale.

Alternatively, start local and explore what action is needed on climate to avoid climate impacts in your city.

The PROVIDE project

The PROVIDE project is a Horizon Europe funded consortium of scientists and policy experts, working to develop new, faster ways to project climate impacts, and ultimately, provide information on how we can avoid them. The project, aside from developing new scientific methods, aims to provide more clarity on how climate impacts might develop after peak temperatures, in so-called ‘overshoot scenarios’, and if they can be reversed.